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How it works

Ciclosophy addresses to cycle tourism passionates and to hospitality professionals, to business enterprises, local authorities and associations.

We handle more than 200 facilities, that keep growning, thanks to the success achieved with our customers.

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How to book online a bike hotel through Ciclosophy

1 Sign up for free on the web site

Sign up on the web site and then you will be able to benefit from exclusive rates and promotions.

2 Search for an equipped facility among the ones of our portal

- Select your destination
- Select the terms of your stay
- Select the best accommodation for you
- Book your accommodation

3 Book your accommodation

Once you found your friendly bike facility you can consult its details online, as the offered services, check their availability real time and make a reservation.

4 Change or cancel your reservation

Ciclosophy helps you to find the perfect destinations for your passion and the right facilities for your needs.

Bike Hotels, cycle tourist's itineraries and cycle tourism destinations



A platform to introduce cyclists to bike hotels in the area.

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